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Why Use Barter

How Does Modern Day Barter Work?

eXmerce has created a flexible, secure, and fully accountable way for businesses to barter their goods and services, with other local businesses. By using eXmerce, you can quickly earn Trade Dollars for the goods and services you sell. Your transactions are recorded electronically in your member account, which works just like a bank account. Spend the Trade Dollars in your account on any goods or services offered in the eXmerce community. It’s that easy!

Get More Customers

Every business wants more customers, but they often have to invest a lot of money into marketing in order to get them. It doesn’t have to be that way! When you become part of eXmerce, you open the door to a tight-knit community of hundreds of local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to support each other and grow. It’s the perfect referral and marketing program without the hefty costs. New customers, more sales, and added profitability – the perfect trio with eXmerce!

Increase Sales

With eXmerce, you get to introduce your business to a new group of potential customers, partners, and allies. That means networking and building loyalty within an exclusive community of more than 400 business members. With that kind of exposure, you have a huge opportunity to increase your sales! And remember, your Trade Broker is continually promoting you within the exchange to other members. We add new members every month, always increasing your opportunity to do more business.

Save Cash

eXmerce eliminates the need to pay cash for your ongoing business or personal expenses. There are hundreds of products and services your business can use within the eXmerce community to support your operational, managerial, or marketing needs. Not only do you get to keep your money in your business, your purchases are financed with the business brought to you by the eXmerce network. It is the perfect solution when you want to create a positive cash flow.

Why Barter Works for Business Owners


Turn Excess Inventory or Time into Profit

eXmerce provides the perfect channel for you to book yourself to capacity or sell your inventory that’s been discontinued, reduced, or difficult to sell. Instead of deeply discounting your products or services, you can sell at full retail value in Trade Dollars to the members in the exchange. Then you can put those Trade Dollars to use by purchasing the things you need for your business, without affecting your cash flow. It’s a win-win situation all around.



What Can I Buy?

With over 400 businesses in the eXmerce community, you have a huge variety of options right here in Calgary! Click here to browse through your possibilities!