5 Mother’s Day Promotional IDEAS to Drive Sales

It’s hard enough to get everything organized for your own mom (or maternal figure) on Mother’s Day, but if you’re a small business owner you also have the pressure of trying to come up with the best Mother’s Day offer for your customers. This offer has to be big, bold and make moms and your… Continue reading 5 Mother’s Day Promotional IDEAS to Drive Sales

Reach your 2021 Business Goals with Barter!

Barter is a great way for businesses both big and small to be able to save cash on services and technologies to elevate your company to new heights! We at Exmerce have curated a list of services available on barter to help improve your business and reach objectives in the new year WITHOUT having to spend cash

Building a Solid Reputation

Your reputation is the world’s opinion of your character. Your character determines how much others trust you. And the trust you inspire determines how many opportunities you will receive.

How To Create Loyalty For Your Business

In the winter of 1934, Earl Nichols of London, Ontario, was 33 years old, unemployed, and flat broke. It was the middle of the Great Depression. The economy had ground to a halt, and there were no jobs. Nichols borrowed $150 from his mother and set up a small restaurant at a corner of what… Continue reading How To Create Loyalty For Your Business

Are You Easy to Do Business With?

Are You Easy to Do Business With? Studies have shown that one of the most important factors in obtaining and retaining customers is how easy you are to do business with. That’s especially true in a trading community like Exmerce. An example of the importance of this is what happened to the British automotive industry… Continue reading Are You Easy to Do Business With?

The Buyer’s Journey

No matter what business you’re in, your ultimate job is to lead your customer along the buyer’s journey. This is defined as “the experience prospects go through before they become customers.” All buyers go through it, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process and the ways you can influence it. It… Continue reading The Buyer’s Journey

Trade your products+services for roofing services!

Get your residential or commercial roof fixed or upgraded this summer by offering your excess products or idle time in #YYC!

Are you looking for software development on barter?

I met with Michael Maltsev, CEO of Belcasoft, just yesterday and his company develops custom software solutions for businesses looking to improve and streamline their business operations. The company Belcasoft has software products that support operations, customer relationship management, human resources, time tracking, and accounting. For more information, you can check out Belcasoft at www.belcasoft.com. If… Continue reading Are you looking for software development on barter?

Powerful Tip To Improve Sales

Here’s a proven tip that won’t cost much but your time, yet could be just the ticket to improve your sales. The personal touch can bring dramatic results, as evidenced by the Stash Tea Company, which began sending a personal note to people who requested a catalog.

Barter for Startups

Start-up businesses can conserve precious operating cash by making purchases with their products rather than their profits, thus freeing up cash and bringing in new sources of business through the drawing power of the exchanges. When business owners “buy” products or services first by using trade dollars, they are essentially able to make purchases with interest-free credit lines.