3 Main Benefits of Barter!

1. Find new customer, save your cash and fill your down time!

Get glasses or contacts by trading your services!

Did you know you can get a pair of new glasses or contacts just by simply #trading your excess inventory or idle time in #YYC?

Get exposure on YouTube by creating a professional video!

Have you ever thought of getting more exposure on YouTube by creating a professional #video in #YYC? Are the high prices holding you back? By trading your excess inventory or idle time, you can now get a videographer on barter through Exmerce. Learn to Shop Smarter, Think Barter today by contacting Exmerce at growmybusiness@exmerce.com or… Continue reading Get exposure on YouTube by creating a professional video!

Trade your products+services for roofing services!

Get your residential or commercial roof fixed or upgraded this summer by offering your excess products or idle time in #YYC!

Powerful Tip To Improve Sales

Here’s a proven tip that won’t cost much but your time, yet could be just the ticket to improve your sales. The personal touch can bring dramatic results, as evidenced by the Stash Tea Company, which began sending a personal note to people who requested a catalog.

How to get the most out of your barter membership?

At Exmerce, it’s important that we create value for you! Whether it’s for your business or personally. Our mandate is to help you find new customers and to help you save your cash through our barter exchange network.

Are You Looking for Someone to Take Care of Your Social Media Management Services?

Outsource your social media services and you will have more time on your hands to focus on what you do best!

Barter Can Build And Strengthen Your Business

Barter is a cashless medium where an exchange of goods and services of equal value between participating parties takes place. Today, barter is a world-wide 8 billion dollar a year industry.

Need new workers?

Are you in need of recruiting workers for your business in #YYC? Learn how you can #trade your excess inventory for new workers!

Leverage your excess inventory and idle time!

By utilizing your down time or excess inventory, you’re able to save your cash!