What Are Exmerce Dollars?

Exmecre Dollars will help you and your business cut costs.

Powerful Tip To Improve Sales

Here’s a proven tip that won’t cost much but your time, yet could be just the ticket to improve your sales. The personal touch can bring dramatic results, as evidenced by the Stash Tea Company, which began sending a personal note to people who requested a catalog.

How to get the most out of your barter membership?

At Exmerce, it’s important that we create value for you! Whether it’s for your business or personally. Our mandate is to help you find new customers and to help you save your cash through our barter exchange network.

How to maximize barter for your business

Here are some points on how you can maximize barter for your business!

Trade Requests from Members

We are looking for the following products or services to fulfill our members barter requests.

Unique Ways To Use Your Exmerce Barter Dollars

[mk_divider style="padding_space" margin_top="35" margin_bottom="35"] If you’re looking for some new ways to spend your Exmerce barter Dollars here are some creative ideas! Have A Contest! You can draw in new customers and engage them by having a contest. The best part is that you can buy the prizes on barter! Things like restaurant gift certificates, free… Continue reading Unique Ways To Use Your Exmerce Barter Dollars

5 Ways to Get Fit and Active with Barter!

[mk_divider style="padding_space" margin_top="35" margin_bottom="35"] Summer is here! If you’re ready to get that beach body, we have lots of options for you to get fit on Barter! Everything from getting active to achieve a more balanced diet. We got you covered on Exmerce!   If you sit at a desk all day and your job… Continue reading 5 Ways to Get Fit and Active with Barter!

Ways to Barter Your Exmerce Dollars this November

We are in the thick of Fall with Winter right around the corner!

Don’t let your barter sit idle. Take advantage of your Exmerce dollars this November to enjoy fall and prepare for winter weather.

Barter for the modern business

Barter by definition is the direct exchange of goods or services without the use of cash. It’s been used by people for centuries

How to post a barter sale transaction

To post a barter sale transaction, you can do one of 3 things: 1) Call Exmerce at 403.215.9220 and a Trade Broker will help to post the barter sale transaction for you. Please provide the Trade Broker with the following information: Invoice number Description of the product or service sold Total invoice amount including GST… Continue reading How to post a barter sale transaction