Five Star Events Makes Quality Contacts

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Five Star Events has been a member of Exmerce Barter Inc. for 8 years. In that time, I have had the pleasure to work with Nelson on several Exmerce events, and other members on their weddings and special events.

I have also benefited from being a member, as I have a great way to swap my barter dollars for actual cash – it’s a “win/win” situation for my business for sure!

I have made some quality contacts, and have had the opportunity to utilize other member’s services that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to purchase, if I was paying cash. I get my web and graphic design on barter, letterhead and business cards on barter, and I have recently undergone a marketing campaign through Cold Calling Co.

I thank Laurie Climan of Laurie Climan Studios and The Chocolate Fountain for introducing me to Nelson and the Exmerce team!

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