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Start earning 10% or up to 30%
from transaction fees.

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Earn up to 30% commission

Earn up to 30% commission on all buy and sell trade activity from your pool of clients referred.

Get free promotional resources

We provide a wide selection of resources from banners and videos to help you engage and share with prospective businesses.

Dedicated support

Our experienced program managers are ready with the personalized support, insight, and advice you need to get the most out of the Exmerce partner program. Your success is our success.

How does the program work?

Designed for anyone focusing on small businesses, our partner program makes it simple to:

Get started

Apply now. Once enrolled, all you need to do is refer business to Exmerce.

Get paid

Earn 10% on all buy and sell trade activity from your pool of clients referred every month, up to a maximum of 30%.

Monitor your referral activity

Easily keep track of the buy and sell trade activity — and how much in commissions you’ll earn.

Benefits of being a partner

Get compensated for your efforts! Any referrals leading to a sign up, we will pay you 10% of the transaction fees we collect on your portfolio of clients referred (up to a maximum of 30%). The commission payout to you will be on the 15th of every month.

Give your referrals an exclusive deal! Let your referral Trial Exmerce Risk Free for 3 Months. Pay $0 set up fee (Reg. $299) and $0 Monthly Fee (Reg. $29) for 3 months. The only applicable fee is a cash transaction fee of 7.5% buy + 7.5% sell.

In terms of the commission, it starts at
10% and goes up to 30%. Tier is as follows:

Bronze – 10%: 1 to 9 members

Silver – 15%: 10 to 19 members

Gold – 20%: 20 to 39 members

Platinum – 25%: 40 to 69 members

Diamond – 30% – 70+ members

The commission is only from the transaction fees.
For example:

If you referred 5 businesses to Exmerce and those 5 businesses sold $10,000 total in the given month, we charge the following:

$10,000 x 7.5% sell = $750

$750 x 10% payout to affiliate = $75

The monthly payout is in perpetuity for the lifetime the business is a member of Exmerce and will vary based on the businesses activity every month. We do have a clause however stating the affiliate partner must refer at minimum 1 business per year to maintain their commission payout status.

How Bartering Can Immediately
Benefit Your Business


Business Financing
No-Debt Option

From accounting and marketing to business development services, barter gives your business access to more skills without having to secure business financing to cover the upfront costs.


Augmented Sales & Low-cost
B2B Marketing Solution

Get more customers with Exmerce by joining our tight-knit community of local businesses and entrepreneurs. Barter helps you gain exposure and new business without the hefty cost of a dedicated sales team.


Enhanced Employee
Benefits & Perks

Use barter for your team and exchange your Exmerce Dollars for employee perks such as: gift certificates, health spending, holiday & corporate gifting, event tickets, and more.


Increase Cash

Convert excess inventory and downtime into Exmerce Dollars, and increase your cash flow by bartering instead of emptying your bank account.


Outsources Business

Partner with other Exmerce members and share business without turning your clients away. The barter network gives your team access to additional services, giving your business the power to do more for your clients.


Corporate Event Hosting
& Promotion

Market your business and host your next event with Exmerce or other Exmerce members. From marketing services to event space and catering—bartering gives your team access to more.


Networking & Local Brand

Attend our networking events, meet local businesses, and connect with professionals in your city. Exmerce actively helps businesses expand their local presence & public brand awareness.


Team Building &
Employee Perks

Bring your team together with corporate outings, catered meetings, and access to corporate perks such as training and professional development though the Exmerce network.


Taxable Charitable

Charitable donations (and business expenses) which are normally tax deductible as cash transactions are also tax deductible as trade purchases.

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