Stemp & Company

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Company Overview

About Stemp & Company:

Stemp & Company makes protecting your intellectual property easy, bringing 40 years of legal expertise and service experience to every case. We specialize in trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial design and incorporation. Other services include civil litigation, personal injury claims, collections and corporate/commercial work.

Their service is prompt and provided by legal professionals who have your best interest in mind. They offer personalized, one on one attention to ensure that no detail is left unattended. Safeguarding your intellectual property is our highest priority, and we’ll make sure your great ideas are protected.

Trade Offerings:

You can redeem your Exmerce trade dollars at Stemp & Company for:

  • Trademarks.
  • Copyright.
  • Patents.
  • Industrial design and incorporation.
  • Preperation of a Will.
  • Provide advice on estate planning and estate administration.
  • Aid in applying for administration of estates.
  • Prepare documentation related to powers of attorney and personal directives.
  • Provide advice related to enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.


Redeem your Exmerce Trade Dollars at Stemp & Company

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