Spend Smarter.

Think Barter.

Grow your business with Exmerce and the power of bartering. Gain customers, reduce cash expenses, exchange services for services (or products), improve employee benefits, or give back to charity; there’s more to business than just dollars and cents.


Use Trade to Grow your Business and Thrive

How Bartering Can Immediately
Benefit Your Business


Business Financing
No-Debt Option

From accounting and marketing to business development services, barter gives your business access to more skills without having to secure business financing to cover the upfront costs.


Augmented Sales & Low-Cost
B2B Marketing Solution

Get more customers with Exmerce by joining our tight-knit community of local businesses and entrepreneurs. Barter helps you gain exposure and new business without the hefty cost of a dedicated sales team.


Enhanced Employee
Benefits & Perks

Use barter for your team and exchange your Exmerce Dollars for employee perks such as: gift certificates, health spending, holiday & corporate gifting, event tickets, and more.


Increase Cash

Convert excess inventory and downtime into Exmerce Dollars, and increase your cash flow by bartering instead of emptying your bank account.


Outsources Business

Partner with other Exmerce members and share business without turning your clients away. The barter network gives your team access to additional services, giving your business the power to do more for your clients.


Corporate Event Hosting
& Promotion

Market your business and host your next event with Exmerce or other Exmerce members. From marketing services to event space and catering—bartering gives your team access to more.


Networking & Local Brand

Attend our networking events, meet local businesses, and connect with professionals in your city. Exmerce actively helps businesses expand their local presence & public brand awareness.


Team Building &
Employee Perks

Bring your team together with corporate outings, catered meetings, and access to corporate perks such as training and professional development though the Exmerce network.


Taxable Charitable

Charitable donations (and business expenses) which are normally tax deductible as cash transactions are also tax deductible as trade purchases.

Participating Brands

Increase Your Cash Flow

Exmerce gives you the freedom to accept Exmerce Dollars, attract new customers, and increases your sales. Pay for your personal or business expenses by purchasing products and services from other businesses in the exchange, with your new stream of income.

Success Stories

China Rose Updates Website on Barter

Exmerce Barter Testimonial Case: The China Rose website had been untouched for nearly a year and updating the site content, [...]

Andy Generated City-Wide Business

My company is customer focused, seeking to provide the utmost in customer care and business solutions for companies wireless needs.

Exmerce Gives Repeat Business for Renovating Inc.

See what Renovating Inc. has to say about their 4-year Exmerce barter membership.

Headquarters Management Uses Barter For Employee Incentives

Headquarters Mgmt Ltd is one of the original members of Exmerce, having joined in the new year of 2005.

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