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How Barter Works

Get products and services on barter without having to spend your hard earned cash.

The eXmerce barter system is set up different than traditional barter. Instead of trading products or services directly with another business, you earn Trade Dollars when a member buys from you. You can then use those Trade Dollars to purchase hundreds of products or services. Whether it’s personal or for your business, there is so much to choose from within the eXmerce community.

Barter with eXmerce is Easy

Use our virtual trade currency called Trade Dollars to purchase anything you want within the exchange. Our Trade Dollars are equivalent to the value of the Canadian Dollar. Our members are asked to price their products and services within the exchange at fair market value. This means you pay exactly the same amount for the offered goods and services as you would in the cash world. The only difference is, you now have the ability to buy things at a discount or at your own cost of doing business!

See How eXmerce Works

Let’s say you’re a florist and you’ve now become a member of eXmerce. The auto mechanic John drops by your store and informs you that he’s a member of eXmerce. John wants to surprise his wife and buy 1 dozen red roses through his eXmerce account.

Now, as the florist – if you normally sell 1 dozen red roses in the cash world for $50 + GST cash, through eXmerce, you would sell the same 1 dozen red roses for $50 + GST Trade Dollars. Before completing the sale, it is best practice to ask the member to present their eXmerce member card or alternatively you can contact our office to get a pre-authorization. This step helps to ensure that the member buying from you is a legitimate member of eXmerce and also has sufficient trade funds in their trade account. A barter transaction receipt is then filled out by the seller for record keeping purposes and a copy is given to the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the seller to contact eXmerce to have the transaction credited to their trade account or alternatively the seller can post the sale transaction online themselves.

How To Sell With eXmerce

Making an eXmerce sale is no different from a cash or credit card sale except for the form of payment. Once a member is identified as an eXmerce member and it comes time to make the sale, you simply accept your new customer’s eXmerce card as payment. The eXmerce dollars will immediately be transferred into your account for you to purchase from any other member.

Each eXmerce member works closely with an assigned Account Manager. It is the responsibility of the Account Manager to best understand your needs and to also help make recommendations on buying and selling opportunities.

Your eXmerce Trade Broker will effectively market your products and services to other community members using:

  • Account Manager Relationship
  • Online Member Directory
  • Daily E-mail Broadcasting
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Tradeshow Exhibition Regular Networking Events
  • Bizingle ( – Social video marketing app


Making a purchase with your eXmerce card is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. First you select the product or service you want to buy.
  2. Next, use the eXmerce Member Directory, or contact your Trade Broker to find the business you want to do business with.
  3. Finally, you simply pay for your purchase by showing your eXmerce card.


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The Secret to Accelerating Your Business Growth with Barter

When participating in a barter exchange, it’s important to identify all the areas where you would normally pay for products or services for your business, or in your personal life. You can do it on your own, or in conjunction with your bookkeeper or accountant for better accuracy. Get Free eBook