How to get the most out of your barter membership?

At Exmerce, it’s important that we create value for you! Whether it’s for your business or personally. Our mandate is to help you find new customers and to help you save your cash through our barter exchange network.

How to maximize barter for your business

Here are some points on how you can maximize barter for your business!

Trade Requests from Members

We are looking for the following products or services to fulfill our members barter requests.

Find a barter business exchange that will put your business first!

I wanted to talk about the value in finding a barter exchange that will put your business first. What I mean by this is finding a barter exchange that will provide your business with superior service, care, and results. We all hear of companies claiming to say they provide great customer service, but truly what efforts are they putting in?

Wii.FM Sales & Marketing

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How can a barter exchange promote my business?

One of the primary objectives of a barter exchange is to help your business increase sales. By joining a barter exchange, it enables you to reach out to a new customer base you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to market your products or services too. Just imagine being able to market your products and services to a private network with hundreds of businesses.

Setting clear expecations on barter

When conducting business on barter through your local trade exchange, it’s always important to set clear expectations to the trade exchange, as well as the members seeking your product or service on barter. Here are some tips below: If you have any restrictions on barter for your product or service offering, please inform your trade… Continue reading Setting clear expecations on barter

Calgary barter exchange ‘Exmerce’ gaining popularity with businesses

Today, we were featured on Global Calgary TV. It was a news segment on modern day barter and how Calgary businesses are leveraging barter as a business tactic in a slowing economy. Thank you Kellie Mallette, Allan Wirzba, and all of the wonderful and amazing Exmerce members who have shown your support to our business trade community.… Continue reading Calgary barter exchange ‘Exmerce’ gaining popularity with businesses

Sheryl Rothert, Making a Difference – Why I do what I do?

Every entrepreneur has a story of why they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s such a privilege to have an opportunity to connect with so many wonderful Calgary entrepreneurs to share their story. One of my goals for 2016 is to share what drives Calgary entrepreneurs in doing what they’re doing! I’d like to profile Sheryl… Continue reading Sheryl Rothert, Making a Difference – Why I do what I do?

Exmerce for Start-ups! Give Your New Business A Boost with Barter

Have you just started a new business? Then you may want to consider joining a business trade exchange. A common misconception is that barter is only beneficial for well established companies. That is simply not true. Participation in a barter exchange can provide a big boost for any new business.