Exmerce for

Health & Fitness

Do you have downtime you would like to fill and are looking for a competitive edge?

Business owners in the health and fitness industry need to be proactive, creative and innovative to stay competitive. We can help you get more customers  and reduce operating expenses – without sacrificing quality and service.

Exmerce is a marketing alternative that drives new customers through your door. Buyers are motivated to spend using the Exmerce virtual currency. When  you accept payment through Exmerce, the virtual currency gets banked in your account, enabling you to purchase products and services with any one of our  500+ members. Leverage barter into your business – attract new customers, save cash and turn your downtime into profit.


Exmerce offers a flexible solution

We are an online platform that overcomes the traditional challenges of direct bartering. Exmerce is a bank-like system that provides a flexible, secure and  accountable online platform which acts as a third party record keeper. We will help you to purchase products and services with any one of our 500+  members. Now you can barter for what you want, when you want – without spending cash.

Examples of how automotive business owners spend using Exmerce:

  • Staff wages and incentives
  • Advertising (e.g. magazines, newspapers, on-hold messaging & signage)
  • Printed materials (e.g. menus, brochures, stationary, business cards)
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Legal
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital marketing (e.g. social media management, seo, virtual tour)
  • Renovation
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Security system
  • Telemarketing services
  • Health perks (e.g. dental, massage, physiotherapy)


Debra Hobbs & Morley Flood

Owners, Kensington Fitness

“We’ve been able to really lower our soft cost for our business

and have purchased such things like website design, advertising, janitorial services and a Google virtual tour of our facility. Our business has benefited from  Exmerce because to get our soft cost down, it’s really our time and so we’re able to book and earn Exmerce Dollars during the times when we’re not as busy. We  highly recommend Exmerce to help lower your soft cost. We’ve loved the results!”