About Us

Our network was created to serve, improve and help grow businesses just like yours

We provide barter services to help you increase your sales, save your cash, and turn your idle resources into profit.

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Our Story

Exmerce is a business trade exchange founded by Nelson Liem in 2005. We are committed in helping small businesses in Calgary leverage barter
through the Exmerce virtual currency to help companies increase sales, save cash, and turn excess capacity into profit.

We pride ourselves in delivering superior customer service, and value the relationships built with our community members. We create value by driving
new business to our clients, and helping our clients buy products or services on barter for their business or personally. Today, Exmerce represents 500+
businesses in Calgary.

Meet The Team

Nelson Liem - CEO & Sales

Born and raised in Calgary, I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. After graduation, I had the privilege of working for Mickey and Minnie at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a Cultural Ambassador for Canada. This was an incredible life experience for me – that is being away from Mom and Dad, and on my own for the very first time at 22.
I chose the path of entrepreneurialism, and started Exmerce because of a deep rooted passion for always wanting to help people, especially those who felt like an underdog. I love to inspire and give hope to others; be creative; collaborate and bring people together. I find fulfillment in knowing that through my actions, beliefs and efforts – I can truly make a difference in someone’s life or business.
I am incredibly proud of what we’ve built over the past 16 years with
the support of our clients, past and current team members,
and family and friends.

Barb Stevens - President

I have 14 years experience in the Barter Industry in Calgary! I love it and am thrilled to back in it! I have two grown sons that were raised around the Barter world and enjoyed many many luxuries that were achievable with my barter dollars! They also are very happy to see me back in this industry!

In my years in the industry – I have worked with over 2500 local businesses – and can’t wait to do it again! You get to help clients purchase things without affecting their cash flow and …. create the business to enable them to earn those trade dollars. It is very rewarding!
Barter is 2nd nature to me. I was raised in a small town and spent summers with Grandparents on a farm. My Grandparents used the unofficial barter system all the time… It was normal for them to trade a
chicken for some fresh milk or I will cultivate your land if you will loan me the equipment to do mine as well….that type of thing…..and being raised in a small town – you would never dream of purchasing from anyone other than the local vendors – support your local community/neighbors. Barter is absolutely the same. Exmerce is your local community!

Moeez Arslan - Trade Broker

At the age of 21, I moved to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona, I was presented with an opportunity to start my own business. I quickly
then realized my passion for entrepreneurism. After a few years
in Spain I moved back to Edmonton and earned my diploma in
Business Administration, Finance from Northern Alberta
Institute of Technology (NAIT).  

I joined Exmerce in September 2020 and serve as the Director of Client Services. Bringing over 6 years of customer service and process improvement skills. I chose this path because I wanted to further my passion for helping others, to educate people and to help them grow.
I enjoy working with the diverse member businesses, and I feel privileged to work with Exmerce because I believe my values of helping local businesses succeed align with the mission of Exmerce.

At Exmerce, we believe in giving back and helping those who are in need.
We support the following not-for profit organizations:

Did you know?

Exmerce is a combination of two words, “Ex” is derived from the word “Exchange” and “merce” is derived from the word “commerce”. When you put “Ex” and “merce” together, you get Exmerce!

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